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    1. Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd.

      About Join Translation

      Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd. locates in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province since it was established in 2009. It is a language service provider with legal translation qualification and specializes in professional, qualified and efficient language translation service. It has been approved by the market inspection and management authority of China and registered in public security department.

      Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd.

      Professional Fields

      Join Translation can provide professional multi-language translations in certificate, files, liaison interpreter, business negotiations, conferences, exhibitions, technical training, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting, outsourcing of foreign language talents, multimedia and localization services.

      Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd.

      Translation specifications

      Our written translation is divided into three quality levels: “translation for understanding”, “translation for business” and “translation for publication and distribution”. Customers can select corresponding quality level based on their practical demands.

      We can provide superior written translation and interpretation

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      • Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd.



      • Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd.


        Professional Fields

      • Hangzhou Join Translation Co., Ltd.